HTS2-10.5" Hard Tail Lowering Struts
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This is a set of Hard Tail Lowering Struts for Honda Magna, VTX, Shadow or any other motorcycle that uses 1" bushings or custom applications such as bobbers and choppers.
They are CNC Machined Billet Aluminum and Hand Polished to a high shine.
These are 10.5" center to center on the 1" holes and will lower the bike 1.5 to 2".

Obviously, since you are exchanging shock absorbers for a solid piece of metal the ride will not be as smooth as it was.  That said, it is amazing how much the tires do to smooth the ride.  Add a spring seat to the mix and you're set!

Installation is easy and total swap time is 15-30 minutes...
 •Jack up the bike and carefully remove your shocks.
 •Pry the rubber grommets from your shocks and insert them into the struts.
 •Slip the struts on to your mounts.
 •Replace the bolts using a washer large enough to cover the holes in the struts.
Important: If you don't have a washer larger than the diameter of the hole in the strut, get some for the TOP and BOTTOM!  That is what will keep them from slipping off.
If you don't feel you are qualified, then please don't try to do this yourself.  There are implied skills here such as raising and securing the bike beforehand, etc.

  • Manufacturer: Refined Cycle
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HTS2

HTS2-10.5" Hard Tail Lowering Struts

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