DHM5-Dual 5.75" Headlight Mount Adapter

DHM5-Dual 5.75" Headlight Mount Adapter
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This is a billet aluminum mount adapter that will allow you to mount TWO, 5.75" Dia. headlights, with 7/16" or 3/8" bottom stud mounts, on metric or standard bikes. Headlights sold separately.

The only difference between the DHM4 and DHM5 is the headlight spacing

Mounts on your bike in 2 ways!  For most metric bikes that have two mounting holes use two 1/4" or M6 bolts (not included) with the heads in the slot and adjust for your spacing.  For most Harley / customs use one 3/8-16 bolt in the threaded hole.


To determine whether it will fit your bike use this picture and make the measurements for A, B and C.

For the DHM5 to fit your motorcycle...

  • A must be 1" to 5.9" between centers AND
  • B must be more than 6.75" AND
  • C must be more than .5" (if using the slot) or more than 1.125" for (single mounting hole)

If your steering stem comes forward too far for the DHM5 to clear AND measurement A is from 3" to 5.9" between centers you need the DHM5R.

NOTE: If you would like help determining fit, email the following information... measurements A, B and C AND YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and SIZE.

Your stock headlight mount may have a place that your stock turn signals bolt on.  You can upgrade signals at the same time along with new mounts or just get a nut and bolt them by themselves.


DHM5 - Installed


Add Refined Cycle SA1's to mount turn signals or spot lights to your DHM5

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