DHM6-Dual 4" Headlight Mount Adapter

DHM6-Dual 4" Headlight Mount Adapter
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This is a billet aluminum mount adapter that will allow you to mount TWO, 4.5" Dia. headlights, with 7/16" or 3/8" bottom stud mounts, on metric or standard bikes. Headlights sold separately.

Mounts on your bike in 2 ways!  For bikes that have two mounting holes use two 1/4-20 bolts in the slots and adjust for your spacing.  For most Harley / customs use one 3/8-16 bolt in the center hole. 

To determine whether it will fit your bike use this picture and make the measurements for A, B and C.

For the DHM6 to fit your motorcycle...

  • A must be 1.125" to 4.49" between centers (if using the 2 hole mounting slots) AND
  • B must be more than 5.25" AND
  • C must be more than .275" (if using the slots) or more than .4" for (single mounting hole)

NOTE: If you would like help determining fit, email the following information... measurements A, B and C AND YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and SIZE.

Your stock headlight mount may have a place that your stock turn signals bolt on.  There are a couple of things you can do about this.  Upgrade signals at the same time along with new mounts or just get a nut and bolt them by themselves.

DHM6 - Installed

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