HM1-Small Single Headlight Mount Adapter

HM1-Small Single Headlight Mount Adapter
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  • Manufacturer: Refined Cycle

This is a custom made mount adapter that will allow you to mount a 7/16" or 3/8" stud mount custom, Harley or chopper headlight (not included) on several metric bikes.

Loose that ugly, rusty, pitted headlight mount and flat boring headlight and bring your bike into the 2000's with a new, sleek headlight (not included).  All you need is this mount and your choices are almost unlimited!

2 sizes available, as well as 2 sizes of dual headlight mounts.  (See other listings)

This listing is for the HM1 - Small Single Headlight Mount in Black

Why you need it:

  • You may be thinking, why not just drill a large hole in the center of my triple tree for the headlight to mount to.  Here are a few reasons why NOT to do that.
  • Most triple trees have gussets or extra metal in the middle that would make drilling a hole very difficult.
  • Drilling a large hole in the middle weakens the strength of the part much more than 2 small holes off center.
  • If you mess up and drill a large mounting hole a little off center, your light will be off center.  BUT, if you drill 2 small mounting holes slightly off center, the mount has slotted holes to account for that and you can adjust the centering.
  • Most aftermarket lights are deeper (longer).  This mount moves the light forward a little to help it fit.

Your stock headlight mount may have a place that your stock turn signals bolts on as the Honda Magna does.  There are a couple of things you can do about this.

  • Upgrade at the same time along with new mounts. (As shown)
  • Or just get a nut and bolt them by themselves.

Please take a close look at the pictures and the notes above them as you read through to help with understanding of how the mount works.

Just to be clear, this listing is for the mount shown and not for a headlight or anything else shown in the pictures.  No bolts or hardware are included.


To determine whether it will fit your bike use this picture and make the measurements for A, B and C.

For the HM1 to fit your motorcycle...

  • A must be from 1" to 3 1/8" between centers AND
  • B must be greater than 4 1/4" AND
  • C must be greater than 3/4"

If your mounting holes are wider try the HM2

If your mounting holes are too narrow you can drill holes in your triple tree or in the HM1 to make it fit.

Mounting holes are for 1/4" or M6 bolts available from a local hardware store. (not included)

Please use the information provided to determine fitment or email measurements A, B and C for help.

Installation Instructions for Aftermarket headlight

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