Refined (rè-fïnd') adj.- 1. To become more fine or polished.  2. Showing well-bred taste.  3. To bring to a finer state or form.


Product updates:

FC17 Forward Controls for the Triumph Rocket III: For those that have heard the right side flexed a bit and felt a little "soft" when braking, we have added a gusset which makes them feel much more solid.  This was not a safety issue, just a response to our customers in an effort to make our product the best possible!  For those who purchased them before the change, please contact us about swapping out the right side bracket at no charge!

FC20 Forward Controls:  There were some linkage clearance issues when using FC20 with the Fury model.  We have made several small modifications to the FC20 Forward controls specifically to now fit the Honda Fury!  Anyone that tried them and had to return them please contat us for a coupon code for a significant discount to give them another try!

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