JM3-10lb. CO2 Tank & Fire Extinguisher Mount, Toyota FJ Cruiser

JM3-10lb. CO2 Tank & Fire Extinguisher Mount, Toyota FJ Cruiser
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JM3 10lb. CO2 Tank / Fire Extinguisher Mount for Toyota FJ Cruiser all years

The JM3 allows you to mount heavier cylinders such as an air tank, CO2 tank, fire extinguisher, etc. onto the back of your rear door.

  • Connects to your existing spare tire mount holes
  • Made from strong 3/16" Steel and powder coated black
  • Includes all needed mounting hardware
  • Works with up to a 35" Dia. tire!
  • Holds just about any cylinder from about 6" - 10" Dia.
  • Recommended weight capacity 20-30 lb. 
  • Has a lock hole to secure items to the mount with a bike lock cable or padlock and cable or chain. (lock not included)
  • Includes Mount and mounting hardware.  Does not include any of the items shown mounted to it.
  • You can use a variety of straps such as cinch straps, ratchet straps, stainless steel hose clamps or spring loaded T-bolt clamps. (not included)

Note:  Mounting taller items may interfere with your ability to open the rear window. 

Installation Instructions 



Q. Is it strong enough for rough terrain?

A. That is what it was designed for.


Q. Can it be mounted on the right side?

A. No but look at our JM2 for smaller cylinders on the right side.


Q. I already have or want to get the JM1 Jerry Can Mount.  Can I switch them out easily?

A. Somewhat.  If you use the JM1 Left Bracket you can drill 2 holes in it to be able to use it with the JM3.  After that it is a matter of removing 5 bolts to swap them back and forth.


Q. Will it block my view?

A. Depending what you mount on it the answer will vary from not at all to very little.


NOTE:  Please check your local laws for carrying fuel or pressurized containers on the rear of your vehicle on streets or highway. This product is intended for off-road use.

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