LPM4-Strut mounted License Plate Mount

LPM4-Strut mounted License Plate Mount
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They are made of aluminum plate and come to you raw, right out of the machine.  You can paint, powder coat, or polish them but you don't NEED to do anything because they are covered by your license plate, and because it's aluminum, it will never rust!

Licence plate and chrome frame are NOT included

The LPM4 License Plate Mount works for many applications by connecting to Refined Cycle Hard Tail Strut or most any other hard tail strut.  Simply drill a couple holes in your strut to match up to the holes in the mounting tabs and attach with self tapping screws. Use it on any application where you want to relocate a license plate off the fender such as a bobber or chopper or any custom.


Slotted holes allow you to use different plate sizess.

Q. Does it come with the plate frame shown in the picture? A. NO

Q. Can you mount a tail light on it? A. No but let us know if you want one and we can custom design one to fit your light!

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