MR5 Add-on Shelf for Molle Panel

MR5 Add-on Shelf for Molle Panel
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MR5 Add-on Shelf for Molle Panel

  • Add extra storage or a convenient camping shelf
  • Works with our MR3 and MR4 Cargo Area Molle panels
  • Can be mounted high or low, braces up or down
  • Can be mounted sides up to use as a tray or sides down as a shelf
  • Molle bags can be securely attached directly to the shelf

Note: MR5 is the shelf kit only, shown here attached to our MR4 Multi-panel, sold separately

Installation is pretty straightforward, just make sure to use the larger washers provided, on the back side of the molle panel slots FIRST, for secure mounting!

Installation Instructions 

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Price $64.99

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