PE1-Passenger Peg Extensions Vulcan & Marauder

PE1-Passenger Peg Extensions
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Passenger Peg Extensions for Kawasaki Vulcan 1500/1600 Classic, Drifter & Mean Streak / Suzuki Marauder 1600

These passenger peg extensions move your passenger peg forward 1.5”, down 1.5” and out about .5” for a combined movement of almost 2.5”. It may not sound like much but ask any passenger and they will tell you they can ride much longer and much more comfortably with these by relieving pressure on the knees and butt!
They are made of billet aluminum and anodized black to match your frame and blend in.
Works with stock passenger foot pegs or aftermarket passenger foot pegs using the stock square mount. They even work with aftermarket passenger floor boards.
Just, unbolt your current passenger peg mount from the frame, bolt it to the PE1 and attach the PE1 to your frame with the included Hardware.
Note: These may not fit with some exhaust systems.  Make sure you have about 1.5"-2" of clearance below and in front of your stock passenger peg.
Stock passenger foot peg BEFORE PE1 installation on a Vulcan 1500 Classic
Stock passenger foot peg AFTER PE1 installation on a Vulcan 1500 Classic
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