PE7-Passenger Peg Extensions for Triumph Rocket III

PE7-Passenger Peg Extensions for Triumph Rocket III
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Passenger Peg Extensions for All Triumph Rocket III.

For use with AFTERMARKET foot pegs, such as any of the ones we sell or anything that uses a 3/8" or 1/2" bolt or stud to mount.  Foot Pegs not included.

These passenger peg extensions move your passenger peg forward 4”, down 2” and out about 1/2”.  Ask any passenger and they will tell you they can ride much longer and much more comfortably with these, by relieving pressure on the knees and butt!
They are made of solid billet aluminum and powder coated gloss black to match your frame.
They DO NOT work with stock passenger foot pegs.
To install, just take the clevis pin out of your stock foot peg, use it to connect the PE7 extension, and bolt on your favorite aftermarket foot peg.
Note: Fits with MOST exhaust systems but make sure you have enough clearance, per the measurements above.



  • Stud mount pegs such as the Comfort, O-Ring and Spike only require a bolt to attach.
  • Male mount pegs such as the Diamond, Railer, Dually and Wing require a clevis adapter, sold separately.


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Price $63.16

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