RA1-Rock Armour Shock Skids for Toyota FJ Cruiser Tacoma 4Runner

RA1 - Rock Armour Shock Skids for Toyota FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, 4Runner
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  • Manufacturer: Refined Cycle
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RA1
RA1 - Rock Armour Rear Shock Skids for Toyota FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, 4Runner
Rock Armour Shock Skids are an inexpensive but effective way to protect your rear shock ends from rock and ground damage.  As one of the lowest hanging components of your suspension your shocks are very vulnerable to damage.  These steel shock skids will protect your shock ends whether you have stock steel shocks or soft aluminum aftermarket shocks.


Available in RAW (unfinished), or powder coated black, blue, red, silver and even pink!


Sold as a SET


Installation takes about 2 minutes....just take the lower shock bolt off, put the shock skid on and replace the bolt.  It's about the cheapest and easiest protection you can do!


These should fit many other applications as well, about any shock with up to a 2" diameter end.


If you are wondering why there is not extra protection for the bolt head, here is my humble opinion.....
1. The most likely place to hit is the lowest point, which is your shock end, not the bolt.  Before installing any shock protection I had hit my shock or the bolt washer many times, but never the bolt head.
2. If the bolt does happen to get damaged beyond usability, they are easy to replace, but that rarely happens.
3. The goal was to make the most inexpensive shock protection available, and this design meets that goal.
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Price $49.49