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There are many circumstances where you may only need 1 or a few parts from a kit. This is the place to find them.

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There are many circumstances where you may only need 1 or a few parts from a kit. This is the place to find them.

Some common parts are included in the drop down menu below. (They are sold each so if you need more than one of any of the hardware items, change the quantity before clicking Add To Cart.)

IF you need parts that are not on the drop down menu, please follow these steps….

If you are on our MOBILE site, go to the very bottom of this page and click on Full Site.
Go to the Installation Instructions if applicable, found under Installation Help at the VERY TOP of the page.
Take a look at the Components List in the Instructions and note the PART NUMBER AND NAME of the parts you need.
Email us a message with the…
QUANTITY you need of each part.
PLUS the COUNTRY they will be shipped to!
We will send you a reply with prices and shipping etc.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Hardware Options

.5" Spacer, .75" Spacer, 1.5" Spacer, 1" Spacer, 1/2-20×1.25 HEX Bolt, 1/2-20×2.75 HEX Bolt, 2.5lb Ext. Bracket W/ notch (K34), 2.5lb Ext. Bracket W/O notch (K25a), 4-5lb Ext. Bracket (K25b), 5/16 Spherical Rod End, Bronze Bearing or Sleeve (specify size), Comfort Foot Peg Pivot Mounts (Set), FB1 Rubber (both sides), FB1 Rubber (one side; specify which), FC17 w/ Gusset (1 side), FC2 Brake Arm (includes hardware), Honda "R" Bracket for FC21, JM1 Hardware Pack, JM2 Hardware Pack, JM2-RP1 Hardware Pack, JM3 Hardware Pack, JM3-RP2 Hardware Pack, JM4 Hardware Pack, JM4-RP2 Hardware Pack, JMCB1 1/2" Antenna Mount, JMCB2 3/4" Antenna Mount, M10-1.25×40 SHCS Bolt, M6 Clevis, M6 Spherical Rod End, M6-1.0×45 S.S. BHCS, M8-1.0×16 Hex Bolt, M8-1.25×25 SHCS Bolt, M8-1.25×30 SHCS Bolt, M8-1.25×35 SHCS Bolt, M8-1.25×40 SHCS Bolt, M8-1.25×45 SHCS Bolt, M8-1.25×60 SHCS Bolt, Rubber Ring for 16c Comfort Toe Pegs, Shifter ARM (NOT a shifter pedal), Shifter Linkage (specify year & model), SP4 (Shifter Pedal ONLY; NO Hardware), SP5 for FC17 (Pedal ONLY; NO Hardware), SSM3 Mounting Kit


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